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The Tākaro Tribe is a whānau (family) of five cute, cuddly and friendly patupaiarehe (woodland fairies) who live in the enchanted and magical Wao Arapū (alphabet forest).  Their names are A, E, I, O, U and they are sisters and brothers. In the forest, also lives their much loved Pāpā Rākau (Tree Father) and Kōkā (Pond Mother) along with many special animal and bird friends.

They live in a very special whare (tree house), high in the branches of the tallest tree and every morning they wake up early, with Matua Ra (Mr Sun), excited and inquisitive about the new learning adventure Kōkā and Pāpā Rākau will share with them today….and it’s through a magic paua portal that they get to visit the human world and discover everyday objects and animals.

It’s with patience, kindness and humour, that, Kōkā and Pāpā Rākau their woodland friends teach the Tākaro Tribe simple words in te reo Māori, how to spell and pronounce, count, waiata (sing) and kanikani (dance).  

So let's meet the tribe (A, E, I, O, U)


A is sunny, bright and the mātāmua (oldest) of the Tākaro Tribe. A is kind hearted and looks after her younger brothers and sisters.


E loves to laugh and enjoys making everyone else laugh. It does not take much to distract him and trouble seems to find him.


I just can’t keep still. There’s so much to learn. She is easily excited, enthusiastic and just loves life therefore always finds the good in people.


O is the smallest but the bravest member of the Tribe. She’s curious and often the first to say yes to a new adventure.


U can be incredibly shy and needs encouragement by his brother and sisters to come out of his shell and to learn new words.

Pāpā Rākau

Pāpā Rākau is the kind and humorous tree father who stands tall and proud. He is the protector of all things that live in the forest and loves spending time with his Tākaro Tribe, showing them the outside world through his magic paua portal, and helping them to learn all about objects, colours, numbers, plants and animals.


Kōkā is the beautiful and gentle pond mother whose goddess image is reflected on the side of the pool. She is patient and calm and loves teaching the Tākaro Tribe how to count, pronounce and spell words correctly. At every chance she encourages the Tribe to waiata (sing) and kanikani (dance).

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