The Tākaro Tribe is a whānau (family) of five cute, cuddly and friendly patupaiarehe (woodland fairies) who live in the enchanted and magical Wao Arapū (alphabet forest).  Their names are A, E, I, O, U and they are sisters and brothers.

In the forest, also lives their much loved Pāpā Rākau (Tree Father) and Kōkā (Pond Mother) along with many special animal and bird friends.

They live in a very special whare (tree house), high in the branches of the tallest tree and every morning they wake up early, with Matua Ra (Mr Sun), excited and inquisitive about the new learning adventure Kōkā and Pāpā Rākau will share with them today….and it’s through a magic paua portal that they get to visit the human and discover everyday objects and animals.

It’s with patience, kindness and humour, that, Kōkā and Pāpā Rākau and their woodland friends teach the Tākaro Tribe simple words in Te reo Māori, how to spell and pronounce, count, waiata (sing) and kanikani (dance).  

Season 4

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