“I” Talking Doll



Kia ora, My name is I (Ko I ahau)

Let's learn Te Reo Māori, just press my left hand. I love to talk and together we can sing (waiata) and dance (kanikani) to A HA KA MA NA, MATIKE MARANGA and KANI KANI.   I arrive in a purple (waiporopro) backpack (pēke) so you can take me with you, wherever you go.

There’s lots to know about me

  • Press my left hand to talk
  • There are 2 versions of me (English/Māori or 100%Te Reo Māori)
  • I play songs so you can waiata (sing) and kanikani (dance) 
  • I am made from cuddly soft plush fabric
  • 30cm tall
  • 3 x AAA starter batteries included

Cool backpack (pēke) included

We care about packaging waste so I come in cool (pāia) Backpack (pēke), instead of a box, so you can carry me around.  Your pēke is also useful for carrying school stuff, swimming gear and travelling.

You’re supported, just print:

  1. My Voice File Translation (to make learning easy)
    English | Te Reo
  2. Cleaning, Care, & Battery Replacement Instructions (so I last longer)
  3. Song sheets (so you can sing along)
    Matike Maranga Song | Ahakamana Song | Kanikani
  4. Colouring-in sheets