5 Doll Collection



Kia ora,

We're the Tākaro Tribe and our names our A,E,I,O,U.  We love to sing (waiata) and dance (kanikani) and if you press our left hand, we can enjoy learning Te reo Māori with you.  We each arrive in our own purple (waiporoporo) backpack (pēke) so we can travel with you wherever you go.

There’s lots to know about us

  • Press our left hand to talk
  • There are 2 versions of us (English/Māori or 100%Te Reo Māori)
  • We play songs so you can waiata (sing) and kanikani (dance) 
  • And we are all made from cuddly soft plush fabric
  • We're 30cm tall
  • 3 x AAA Batteries included in each doll
  • We have our own TV show (visit Tākaro Tube or "Watch" on Takarotribe.co.nz)

Cool Backpack Included

We care about packaging waste so come in cool (pāia) Backpack (pēke), instead of a box, and it’s useful for carrying us and all sorts of stuff.

You’re supported, just print:

  1. Voice File Translation (to make learning easy)
    English | Te Reo
  2. Cleaning, Care, & Battery Replacement Instructions (so we last longer)
  3. Song sheets (so you can sing along)
    Matike Maranga Song | Ahakamana Song
  4. Colouring-in sheets